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1. Margin
An amount of money deposited by both buyers and sellers of futures contracts and by sellers of options contracts to ensure performance of the terms of the contract (the making or taking…
2. Initial Margin
The amount a futures market participant must deposit into a margin account at the time an order is placed o buy or sell a futures contract. See also: Margin =National Futures…
3. Maintenance Margin
A set minimum margin (per outstanding futures contract) that a customer must maintain in his margin account to retain the futures position. See also: Margin =National Futures…
4. Margin Call
A call from a clearinghouse to a clearing member, or from a broker or firm to a customer, to bring margin deposits up to a required minimum level. =National Futures Association
5. Variation Margin
Additional margin required to be deposited by a clearing member firm to the clearinghouse during periods of great market volatility or in the case of high-risk accounts. =National…
6. Clearinghouse
An agency or separate corporation of a futures exchange that is responsible for settling trading accounts, collecting and maintaining margin monies, regulating delivery and reporting trade…
7. Default
Default The failure to perform on a futures contract as required by exchange rules, such as a failure to meet a margin call or to make or take delivery. The failure to perform on a futures…
8. Mark-to-Market
To debit or credit on a daily basis a margin account based on the close of that day’s trading session. In this way, buyers and sellers are protected against the possibility of contract…
9. Pyramiding
The use of unrealized profits on existing futures positions as margin to increase the size of the position, normally in successively smaller increments. =National Futures Association
10. Settlement Price
The last price paid for a futures contract on any trading day. Settlement prices are used to determine open trade equity, margin calls and invoice prices for deliveries. =National…

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