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1. Settlement Date
In forex, the date when physical delivery must take place. For most currency pairs it is two days after the trade date. However, the USD/CAD currency pair settles one day after its trade…
2. Settlement
The physical delivery of currencies made when a contract matures. In forex, it is usually two days after the trade. In practice, traders don't take delivery, but profits and losses are…
3. Roll-Over
Extending the settlement value date on an open position to the next trade date.
4. Spot
Buying and selling forex with the current date's price for valuation, but where settlement usually takes place in two days. Trades on FXTrade are settled immediately.
5. Tomorrow Next
The process of not taking delivery of a currency by closing the position and reopening it with the current trade date so the settlement date is pushed forward to the next trade date
6. Value Date
The settlement date for a currency contract, usually two business days. For USD/CAD it is one business day.

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