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1. Stop Loss Order
Order to buy or sell when a given price is reached or passed to liquidate part or all of an existing position.
2. Stop Loss Strategy
A trading strategy that involves setting limit orders at different price levels to avoid incurring further losses. See also: Stop Loss Order
3. Risk Management
The use of strategies to control or reduce financial risk. An example is a stop-loss order that minimizes maximum loss.
4. Slippage
It's the experience of not getting filled at (or even very close to…) your expected price when you place a market order or stop loss. This can happen because either: market price is…
5. Stop Losses
A limit order to close a position when a given limit is reached. When long, the stop loss order is placed below the current market price. When short, the stop loss order is placed above the…
6. Trailing Stop Loss
Similar to a stop loss in that it limits potential losses in an open order. But unlike a simple stop loss where the threshold does not change, a trailing stop loss can be instructed to…

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