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Adjustable Peg, Aggregate Risk, Agio, API Trading, APIs, Arbitrage, Asian Option, Ask, Ask Rate, Asset, Asset Class, AUD/USD, Aussie, Authorized Dealer, Automated Trader, Cable, Candlestick Chart, Carry (Interest-Rate Carry)


Back Office, Balance of Trade, Band, Bank of Japan, Bank Rate, Banking Day, Bar Charts, Base Currency, Basis Point, Basket of USD Shorts, Bear, Bear Market, Bid, Bid/Ask Spread, Big Figure, BOJ, Book, Bretton Woods, British pound, Broker, Brokerage, Bull, Bull Market, Bundesbank, Business Day, Buy Limit Order, Buy On Margin, Central Bank


Carry Currencies, Carry Grid, Carry Positive, Carry Trade, Cash on Deposit, Chartist, Clearing House Automated Payment System, Clearing House Interbank Payment System, Closed Position, Closing a Position, Closing Market Rate, CME, Commission, Commodities Exchange, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Confirmation, Consumer Price Index, Conversion Rate, Convertible Currency, Copey, CORRA, Correlation, Correspondent Bank, Counterpart, Counterparty, Country Risk, Cover, CPI, Cross-Rate, Crrency Code, Currency, Currency Pair, Currency Risk


D-MARK, DAX, Day Order, Day Trade, Day Trader, Day Trading, Deal Blotter, Deal Date, Deal Slip, Deal Ticket, DealBook® 360, Dealer, Dealing Desk, Dealing Systems, Default, Deficit, Deflation, Deflator, Delivery, Delivery Risk, Depreciation, Depth of Market, Derivative, Desk, Details, Deutschmark, Devaluation, Direct Quotation, Dirty Float, Discount Spread, Discretionary Account, Diversified Carry Basket, DM, Dollar Rate, Domestic Rates, Done, Drawdown, Durable Goods Order


Easing, ECB, ECB Conferences, ECN broker, Economic Indicator, ECU, Effective Exchange Rate, EFT, Either Way Market, Electronic Communication Network, Elliot Wave Principle, EMS, End of Day Mark to Market, Entity Trading Account, Equities, Equity, Equity Curve, Escrow Account, Euribor, Euro, Euro Interbank Offered Rate, Eurocurrency, Eurodollar, European Central Bank, European Currency Unit, European Monetary System, European Monetary Unit, European Option, European Union, Excess Margin Deposits, Exchange, Exchange Control, Exchange rate, Execution, Exercise Price, Exit, Exotic, Exotics, Expiration Date, Exposure


Factory Orders, Fast Market, Fed Fund Rate, Fed Funds, Fed Meetings, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Open Market Committee, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Board, Fiat Currency, Fill, Fill or Kill, Fill Price, Financial Risk, Finex, Firm Quote, Fiscal Policy, Fisher Effect, Fixed Exchange Rate, Fixing, Flat, Flexible Exchange Rate, Floating Exchange Rate, Force Majeure, Foreign Exchange, Foreign Exchange Centers, Forex, Forex Charting Software, Forex Club, Forex Demo Account, Forward, Forward Contracts, Forward Point, Forward Rates, Free Reserves, Fundamental Analysis, Fundamental Trader, Fundamentals, Funding Currencies, Futures, Futures Contract, FX, FXManager, fxTrade Mobile for iPhone®


G7, G8, GBP, Gearing, GFT Forex, Globex, Going Long, Going Short, Gold Standard, Golden Cross, Goldilocks Economy, Good Until Canceled, Good-Till-Сancelled order (GTC), Grid Trading, Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product


Hard Currency, Head and Shoulders, Hedge, Hedge Fund, Hit the Bid, Holder


IFEMA, IM, IMF, Indicative Quote, Inflation, Initial Margin, Initial Margin Requirement, Interbank Market, Interday Trading, Interdealer Market, Interest Rate, Interest Rate Swap, International Monetary Fund, International Monetary Market, International Organization for Standardization, Intervention, Intra Day Position, Introducing Broker, ISO, ISO 4217


Japanese Housewives, Japanese yen, Jean Claude Trichet, Jim Cramer, Jobber, JPY, Jurisdiction Risk


K, Key Currency, Kill or Fill, Kiwi


Ladder Option, Lagging Indicator, Leading Indicators, Left-Hand Side, Leverage, Liability, LIBOR, LIFFE, Limit Order, Limit Price, Line Chart, Liquid, Liquidation, Liquidity, London Interbank Offered Rate, Long, Long Call, Long Position, Long Put, Lookback Option, Lots


M1, M2, M3, Maintenance, Maintenance Margin, Make A Market, Managed Float, Manual Trader, Margin, Margin Account, Margin Call, Mark-To-Market, Market Close, Market Maker, Market Order, Market Rate, Market Risk, Martingale System, Maturity, Maximum Leverage, Mean Reversion, MetaTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 4 Mobile, Middle Rate, Mini Account, Mobile Trading, Module, Momentum, Monetarists, Monetary Base, Monetary Easing, Monetary Policy, Monetary Policy Committee, Money Manager, Most Favored Nation, Moving Average, MT4, MXN


Naked Put, Narrow Market, NAV, Negative Carry Pairs, Negative Sloping Yield Curve, Net Interest Rate Differential, Net Position, Netting, New Zealand dollar, News Trader, NFP, Noise, NOK, Non-Client Order, NYCE, NZD


OCO, Odd Lot, Off-Shore, Offer, Offer Price, Old Lady, Omnibus Account, One Cancels the Other Order, Open Order, Open Position, Options, Order, Oscillators, Out of the Money, Over the Counter, Overbought, Overheated Economy, Overnight, Overnight Limit, Overnight Position, Oversold, Owner


Par, Par Spread, Paris, Parity, Partial Lot, Pegged, Petrodollars, Pip, Point & Figure Charts, Political Risk, Position, Premium, Premium Spread, Price, Price Transparency, Principal Value, Principals, Producer Price Index, Profit Taking, Purchasing Power Parity, Put Writer


Quantitative Analysis, Quantitative Easing, Quote, Quote Currency


Rainbow Option, Rally, Range, Rate, Rate Differentials, Rate of Return, Ratio Spread, Reaction, Realized P/L, Reciprocal Currency, Regulated Market, Resistance, Resistance Point or Level, Retail FX Market, Retail Side, Revaluation, Revaluation Rate, Right Hand Side, Risk (Foreign Exchange Risk), Risk Capital, Risk Management, Roll-Over, Rollover Credit, Rollover Debit, Rollover Rate, Round Lot, Round Trip, Running a Position


S/N Roll, Same Day Transaction, Scalping (Forex trading), Sell Limit Order, Sell Stop, Selling Rate, Selling Short, Settlement, Settlement Date, Settlement Risk, Short, Short Call, Short Covering, Short Position, Short Put, Short Sale, Short Squeeze, Shout Option, Sidelined, Slippage, Society for World-wide Interbank Telecommunications, Soft Market, Sovereign Risk, Speculative, Spike, Spot, Spot Market, Spot Price, Spot/Next Roll, Spread, Square, Squeeze, Stable Market, Sterilization, Sterling, Stochastics Oscillator, Stock Broker, Stocky, Stop Loss Order, Stop Loss Strategy, Stop Losses, Stop Order (or Stop), Stop-buy, Straddle, Strangle, Strike Price, Sub-account, Support Levels, Swap, SWIFT, Swissy


T-Bills, T-Bonds, T-Notes, T/N, T/N Roll, Take Profit Order, Take Profits, Take the Offer, Technical Analysis, Technical Correction, Technical Indicators, Technical Side, Technical Trader, Technicalities, TED Spread, The City, Thin Market, Tick, Ticker, Tier One, Tom Next, Tomorrow Next, Trade Date, Tradeable Amount, Trading Margin Excess, Trading Model, Trading Platforms, Trailing Stop Loss, Transaction, Transaction Cost, Transaction Date, Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, Treasury Notes, Trend, Trend Lines, Turnover, Two-Tier Market, Two-Way Price, Two-Way Quotation


Unconvertible Currency, Uncovered, Under-Valuation, Undervalued, Unit, Unrealized P/L, Uptick, US Dollar, US Prime Rate, US Treasury


Valuation, Value Date, Variation Margin, Volatility, Vostro Account


Warrants, Wealth Creation Business, Whipsaw, Whisper Number, Wholesale, Wire Transfer, Withholding Tax, Working Day, World Trade Organization, WTO




Yard, Yield, Yield Curve


Z-Score, ZAR, Zero-Bound

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